cooperation with all the University of Bochum. In 2017, the KHG started one other collaboration with all the University of Bochum, Campus Velbert-Heiligenhaus.

Right after numerous good experiences and enrichments by the University of Wuppertal within the historical location, it provided itself, also in the fields of info technologies, computer science and robotics to begin such cooperation to show towards the students’ prospects for later study.

That the Bochum University initial opened in Heiligenhaus a brand new campus, proved to become a stroke of luck, because that our students can take advantage of the terrific gives of your nearby college lab and participate in the working groups there.However, the KHG plus the HBO have planned far more lots and z.T. currently brought around the trip:Once a year comes certainly one of the professors of the HBO KHG and holds a lecture for our high college students. In Sector 4.0 project to be built in math-computer science production lines with EV3 robots. Here, half a year are long two pc as an external professional to class. Networking with all the economy plus the take a look at of assembly robots recently at the company WE-EM is portion with the project. In the EF, we performed a geocaching project around the university campus. Our students of KHGs possess the alternative of a dual Orientierungspraktikum perform in HBO to choose if is essential, work-study programs for them in query. The program is definitely an Arduino-AG, are to become programmed within the microcontroller u.v.m.

Press:Project Reports rewriting an essay to cooperate.Soon after the project is before the project.On July three, 2018 was so far:programmed soon after we attempted with each other individually robot a half years, individually, in “real” visited modified self, self made and ultimately all got together, the two production lines were ultimately in area 109. You need to know about best online casino nz. Voilà:There is certainly for everybody who wants to know about these marvels of technologies even more detailed PowerPoint presentation with images and videos which can be downloaded here.It was an incredible project, even tv was certainly there as soon as and reported on it and going out you could see the two “scientists” currently with Mr. Ehrhard heard mumbling what next year be something else has …Because of these involved – specifically to Stefan Simanek and Christof Merchant of HBO CVH – and who still usually do not know what this acronym stands, above should certainly read once again -. And to Mr. Missing from WE-EM

Complete legal plagiarism – check out in the organization WE-EM in Mettmann.Normally adequate, is what you learn in school, far, you do not need away in the “reality” along with the impression that you find out a great deal of issues later, had undoubtedly just about just about every student prior to.It might also be quite distinct, as a company, a university and the school to pull with each other, the 20 students of mathematics personal computer science exchange rate could encounter last Wednesday. visited a robot that the industry complies with four.0-claims – would be to say: he is capable to create flexible to changing specifications Responding unique products. Miraculously, it will not need to go far, since such a point can also be offered in Mettmann.The business WE-EM provides boards forth – if desired even individual pieces, but mostly little series as for prototype development. Certainly one of the mounting robot, the goal was the teacher Andreas Ehrhard had selected.Even though an inspection was requested by the college side only the possibility of the two chefs Wolfgang and Stefan Missing had offered a a great deal beyond going project off the ground. The students were not only “look”, but were allowed each and every a single made particularly for this tour board finished (!): Solder paste applied by screen printing, can board equip the robot together with the tiny components händisches setting the on and off switch , right after soldering inside the steam process and ultimately mounting the battery compartment – for a lot of a initially make contact with having a soldering iron.That each student was allowed to take “his” board to take residence and we have a entire afternoon shut down production, was much more than we could anticipate as a college.The phrases “Hey, this performs, yes!” And “Oh how spectacular.” Heard the senior boss Wolfgang Missing that day pretty generally, since he cared for the four groups of 4 to 6 students within the final hand soldering, while the next group looked at the production robots already using the employee Dirk Bechstein.

But we come once more for the core of your check out:Plagiarism and transfer had been asked was equipped than the board with LED to LED and capacitor to capacitor, since it was crucial each to find out out of class within the placement machine once again to recognize the 5 LEGO standard robot and wider range of functions, to then in the incorporate lessons.The job for the students within the coming weeks is clear and also a real challenge: From the existing LEGO person modules and could also have to be made new components are to create two production lines, which – ought to assemble many models from predefined building blocks – just like the besichtige placement machine ,Initially, the surprise was superb. “This really should be a robot?” Might be heard from time to time. Dirk Bechstein from WE-EM patiently answered just about every query, always explained once again that the border between robots and machines is flowing and accompanied the students by way of the various stages of production.Every now and again also mingled guests amongst the groups of students: Stefan Simanek with the University of Bochum, who manages the project in KHG accountable, looked nicely previous like Marie Louis with the financial improvement from the district. Here, new contacts among universities, schools and corporations have been established and planned one or an additional idea to cooperate. Just after all, each of the students are only students in the time …A massive thanks to WE-EM and our co-University Bochum, the wonderful assistance us within this project!

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