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Ready-made website templates or original design

It makes no sense to explain the importance of having a site for any business, so let’s get to the point. The site is the face of the company, the business card of the entrepreneur and an obligatory attribute of doing business in modern realities. The main criteria for this tool:
• catchiness;
• informative;
• functionality.
In this case, we are interested in catchy. This criterion has a key impact on brand / enterprise / business awareness among consumers. Consequently, the web resource needs a design that combines positive aesthetic qualities, while not dispersing the user’s focus (but this is a topic for another conversation). And here there are two ways: to order the design of the site or to view ready-made templates and choose the one you like.
Read more about the “budget” and paid options.
Ready-made site design templates are a great option for projects with limited time and budget that do not claim to be a huge success. Landing, the site of a non-profit organization, go “for show” – they can be allowed to save. But such a choice is unlikely to provide recognition for a number of reasons, one of which is the search engine algorithms.
Based on this, smoothly proceed to the services of a web designer. Yes, it is much more expensive than the finished template. But in the context of search engines, we are interested in the uniqueness of the site (not originality). Search engines “love” unique content and design, so they themselves begin to promote a web resource. In addition, thousands of ready-made templates will not be able to fully reflect the idea, besides, it limits the usefulness of the site (there may be problems when adding changes / innovations, but in all business flexibility is important in everything).
What to choose?
In the short term, a ready-made site design template allows for a sharp start (especially when a new niche is being developed). However, after some time there are pitfalls: difficulties with the promotion of the site, obsolescence of the template and so on.
The original design of the site is suitable for serious projects for which image matters. Plus, the original sites are easy to advance, and the design as accurately as possible reflects the subject of the project and the wishes of the customer of the web resource. It is better to use the services of a web studio, which is a huge amount of time and nerve cells.